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Why Midtown Motorcycles & Scooters

Daytona Beach is More Than Just Our Address -
It's Our Home


Daytona Beach is more than just our business location; it's the foundation of our identity at Midtown Motorcycles & Scooters. Every corner of this city holds a memory, each street tells a story, and the community feels like extended family. Born and raised here, our senior staff have breathed the Daytona air from their first moments, making our city not just a place of business but a lifelong playground and home. The opening of Volusia's largest scooter showroom in 2017 was not merely a business initiative; it was our homage to the community that raised us, a gesture of our deep-rooted love and commitment to the area that shaped our dreams.


The bond we feel with our customers is instant and profound, rooted in the shared community spirit of Daytona Beach. At Midtown Motorcycles & Scooters, every interaction is more than a transaction; it's the beginning of a story, a new adventure in someone's life. Whether it's a college student exploring new freedoms, a parent finding the perfect gift, or an enthusiast reconnecting with the thrill of the ride, we're here to make those moments happen. Our personalized financing options and the "You Decide Layaway" program are not just services; they're our commitment to breaking down barriers and turning dreams into reality. We're not just selling scooters and bikes; we're creating lifelong memories and supporting our customers every step of the way.


At Midtown Motorcycles & Scooters, care is demonstrated in our dedication to staying open when you need us, remembering the small details that matter to you, and sharing your excitement for the latest models. Our commitment extends beyond regular business hours, with our doors open even when the world pauses, ensuring we're here for you whenever you need. Our team, with their expert skills and big hearts, is always on hand for support, whether it's for maintenance, an upgrade, or simply a conversation about your passion for powersports. Every interaction, sale, and memory we create with you is a reflection of our deep care for our customers and our community.

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