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Anyone can go online or look in the paper and find bikes available for sale. Private sellers are great if you are willing to settle for what is available. Shopping on the internet is great for most things; scooters, quads, dirt bikes and the like are not among those things. Most online sellers drop ship powersports partially assembled. You have to install the wheels, install the mirrors, hook the battery up, tighten all of the bolts and screws and hope there are no hiccups. If you have a hiccup, what you won’t have is a warranty. Most online sellers require a certified shop to assemble the unit in order for you to qualify for their “warranty”. Build it yourself and you are out of luck.

Midtown Motorcycles and Scooters has access to an abundance of private, limited access sales venues for powersports. In addition, we have a working relationship with over 200 auto dealers up and down the east coast. Who takes high end bike trades off of an auto dealer’s hands? Midtown of course; and we pass that access and variety on to our customers. Midtown Motorcycles and Scooters can find just what you are looking for.

Come down to Midtown and let us help you find the bike of your dreams. We have over 75 years of power sports sales experience. Whether it’s a basic electric scooter, Suzuki GSXR 1000 or a Yamaha YZ125; Midtown’s Got You!

Those hard to find bikes, not an issue. If you have your heart set on a Honda CL77 Scrambler, shouldn’t that be the bike you ride off on? Come down to Midtown Motorcycles and Scooters, drop us a line, send us a message or fill out our convenient Cycle Search form on this page; and we will go to work for you!