Motorcycle Riding Trip

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to planning an extended road trip on your motorcycle. The more obvious things include the place you will go, the routes you will take along the way, etc. You also need to do your pre-ride inspection on your bike by checking things like brakes, tires, fluids and cables. One of the largest problems with long bike trips on the road is often ignored. The overlooked issue is the person or group that is touring with you.

You should first ask yourself whether you and your motorcycle buddy have equal riding skills or how compatible you and your biking companion are. Prior to any long bike tour you must be honest with your evaluation of many things. Below are a few things to know.

Riding ability can consist of many things, for instance, how fast a bike rider navigates a road’s problematic section. Imagine you reach a twisty section of a highway, exactly what you have been waiting to enjoy on your journey. However, the other rider is a little frightened by the same roads as he slows down considerably. Once you are done with that nice section of the roadway, you may find yourself several minutes ahead of your friend, spending a half an hour on the side of the road.

First, and most significantly, you cannot ask your friend to pick up the pace. This can take away the delight of their ride not to mention the probability of encountering an accident. Then, the slower motorcyclist may ask you to ride slow down to their comfort level.

Riding expertise also includes the rider’s stamina. One rider may consider a long day in the saddle to ride 300 miles while the other may like to put in 600 miles per day. If depending on your perspective, you have to cut your riding days in half or double your riding day, your trip plans will change remarkably. You may miss out on some exciting spots by riding so fast or too slow.

These are just two instances of riding skills that can come into conflict between two riders on a long bike trip. So, get to know your buddy’s skills in advance to you long ride on the bike. For both the riders, it will be good to have similar budget for your bike trip.

Experience does matter! Those who travel often may take it for granted but considering the skills they have learnt over the years, it is extremely important. A skilled motorcycle rider will know what to pack on his vehicle and how to pack it. Each morning, you may find yourself waiting for your touring partner to pack his bike or routinely halting along the way to get necessity items. Either way this cuts into your tour time and can become a point of embarrassment or irritation.

Remember to be candid with yourself and your riding buddy before starting out on a long road trip on a motorcycle from Midtown Motors. Riding companions can be the best of friends or touring companions can be the worst of enemies. Try not to let that happen to you.