Motorcycle Commuting

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Not only do motorcycle and scooter riders save themselves time and money due to their choice of transportation. Motorcycle and scooter drivers also have been shown to save time for drivers of other types of vehicles. By taking up less room on the road, motorcycles and scooters allow more room for other types of vehicles through heavily congested areas of traffic. It’s a great idea to just jump on you bike and reach your destinations sooner and less stressed.

Some advantages of riding a motorcycle over a car are listed below:

Easy to maintain

Motorcycles and scooters are easier to maintain and repair. The engine is more accessible and you can easily find it after pulling off a side cover or seat. Also, there is less to maintain overall than on a standard car or other sorts of vehicles. A motorcycle is only half a car in several ways. Expenses for routine maintenance should be less than that of a car. In addition to finding the perfect bike for your lifestyle, Midtown Motors has a full service department with highly trained bike mechanics ready to make your life a little simpler and get you back on the road.

Less difficult to park

People who take half an hour to get to work driving a car, may take just as long finding a parking space. Motorcycles are easier to park than cars. A bike lets you ride right up to your building and then get off to walk in. Yes, this is the case for many motorcycle drivers. The parking of Midtown Motors requires a third of a car’s space. Motorcycles may be angle parked, a hundred bikes, versus only 30 cars being able to fit in the same amount of space. Another amazing thing is you can find a bike parking spot even in the busiest of places.

Less expensive to run

Bikes use much less petrol than cars, generally half the amount. A motorcycle saves money that otherwise would be burnt up in smoke. Hence, bike riders are leaders in conservation.

Can stop anywhere

A bike is capable of pulling over anytime, which at times can be a real bonus. Think of cruising an unknown city on a motorcycle, and you get lost. If you are on a motorcycle, you will be able to look around after pulling over anytime, check map directions and read road signs. Stopping in a city in a car will naturally block the traffic flow or cause you to go hunting for a parking space.

When a motorcycle pulls over, traffic flows around it, but when you are in a car, you are forced on by the traffic flow, even in directions opposite to your destination. You may end up driving miles from where you want to be, simply because you could not stop and review the situation. A bike can pull onto the sidewalk even on narrow city streets, for a brief observation. Riders can also stop and look around, when a car has to press on. Bikes are an ideal option for looking around new places or sightseeing.

Flexible in traffic

Perhaps, someone had an accident. In such an unfortunate situation, if you are driving a car, you cannot escape waiting, no matter how long it takes,. You are not even aware of how many miles the line of vehicles stretches onward. It is a shocking feeling of helplessness, being in a stationary line of vehicles with some block up in front. In the midst of traffic jams, a bike can normally wend its way ahead.

Traffic flexibility is also the reason why motorcycle police are found in many cities. They can easily go where cars cannot. A bike needs only half the space of a car for moving forward through gaps in traffic or road blocks. Motorcycle riding can be unpleasant when compared to a comfortable car. However, it is certainly less boring and far more adventurous.