Facts about Biking

If you are a person who loves to ride, it is hard to imagine your whole life caged up in a car instead of going out on the road on your motorcycle. Everyone talks about the risks of getting on a bike, being a victim of an unwise lane change or hitting gravel at the wrong time. But, let’s discuss why you should never stop riding despite the risks.

After all, it’s about the ride that makes you feel alive. It’s the open air, the freedom, adventure, and escape. There is really nothing like it, and it’s indescribable for someone who has never ridden before.

So for those of you are looking for answers to whether or not you are going to continue riding, or for those of you who are doubtful about getting on that bike for the first time, here are 3 risks of not riding Midtown Motors.

Biking helps relieve stress

Consistent bike riders are happier and less stressed than those who drive cars only. As found in a study from the University of Tokyo, riding a motorcycle improves your cognitive activity by engaging your brain.

Riding community brings people together

The biking community is one of the world’s most social groups, all sharing one common interest: the love of biking. From Rolling Thunder to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, from every corner of the globe, from all cultures and races, riding builds bond among people who have riding in their bones. There is simply nothing else like riding a bike. Frankly speaking, riding in a car or any other vehicle never feels the same.

You can also get a quality trike kit installed on your motorcycle at Midtown Motors and keep riding for years to come. Here are a few reasons to convert your bike to a trike.


When you ride, trikes provide you with a lot more peace of mind, not just for you but your partner as well. With the additional stability of the bike and its capacity to handle rougher roads, your partner will feel a lot more comfortable when you go out by yourself or together.


Trikes are more secure than two-wheeled bikes and they don’t have too to keep them upright. Pot-holes are no more the looming threat that they used to be. Poorly maintained roads are overall just easier and cozy to ride over.


There isn’t anything quite like biking. However, honestly, riding a two-wheeled bike can become inconvenient. Trikes are more suitable for some rides leaving you free to enjoy the beauty and the open air surrounding you, instead of worrying about the about the pains and roughness of the road.

If you need assistance to decide whether or not you wish to trike your bike, you can always find a qualified riding consultant at Midtown MOtors. Safe riding!